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Hello and Good Day

My name is Joshua Garrison. Let me welcome you to Garrison's Guns and introduce myself. I am an army veteran of 12 + years on both active duty & reserves with continuing service in the reserves. I have spent a little over a year and a half working for the Indiana Department of Corrections while also volunteering with the Emergency Response Operations. My business is home-based and I operate mostly through word of mouth and through various online platforms. 

What I'm offering.

I do not maintain a regular inventory but will from time to time have items on hand ready for immediate purchase. I mostly operate on a special item request & order basis.

 My suppliers include the following:

Wholesale: Davidison's, MGE Wholesale, Lipseys, Zanders, Chattanooga, 2nd Amendment Wholesale, Atlantic Firearms, Southern Ohio Guns, Gun Accessory Supply, and Tactical Gear Distributor.

Direct: Stag Arms, Rock River Arms, Spikes Tactical, New Frontier Armory, Tennessee Arms, Anderson Manufacturing, Traditions, Gun Tech USA, AR500 Body Armor, Alien Gear Holsters, Concealment Express, Odin Works, Ergo, Rainier, Ballistic Advantage, Grey Ghost Precision, Wise Foods, and Peak Performance Ammunition. 

All items are subject to availability depending on available inventory from my distributors. If an item is not available I will work to to either refund or find a suitable substitute. Additionally prices are subject to change and are dependent on my distributors.

Where I am located & how I operate.

I am located in Clayton, IN. West on Highway 40 about 10 minutes outside of Plainfield.

The bulk of my sales are done as special orders. From time to time I will buy and stock some items and these will be listed in the store as such. The items listed in my store represent items that are normally stocked by my many distributors. Due to system limitations I do not have real time feed to maintain a constant inventory update (that will come later). On occasions some items will be sold out by my distributors and there will be a wait before the order is filled. 

For special orders, once I confirm the item is in stock with the distributor(s) I will make contact to complete payment & then I will lock in the order for the item. Depending on the day of the week, most orders will ship from my distributors the following business day and arrive at my location within 48hrs.

If there is an item that you are looking for and its not in the store, just send me a message and ask.

This shipping on some items are predetermined by the distributor and are usually per order. When necessary the shipping on orders will be adjusted & combined. This will result in a lower shipping cost or a partial refund of the shipping cost.

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